Precision Flow Meters: Metering Accessories

Metering Accessories from Fill Rite

We offer quality electrical meter registers from Precision Digital and Mid:Com. Whether it's the weights and measures accuracy of Mid:Com or the rugged, explosion-proof designs of Precision Digital, you can trust Tuthill to have what you need, when you need it.

Metering Accessories from Fill Rite

Precision Digital Registers

Precision Digital Electrical Meter Registers - Non Weights and Measures

  • Battery, DC or output loop-powered
  • Four SafeTouch through-glass buttons used to operate the meter without removing cover
  • Automatic unit conversions from flowmeter K-Factor units to desired display units
Digital Register Stainless Steel Meters from Fill Rite

MID:COM E:Count Registers

Electrical Meter Registers - Weights and Measures

  • Large easy to read alpha numeric display
  • Easy to follow legends for all operations
  • Self-contained calibration and set up functions