Precision Flow Meters: Mechanical Register - Stainless Meter

Digital Register Stainless Meters from Fill Rite

Fill-Rite Meters can be assembled with mechanical registration or glandless pulse output to a variety of electronic counters, batch controllers or signal conditioners. The versatility of our design, makes the Fill-Rite TS Series the ideal choice for many of your most critical metering requirements.

Chemical Service
Whether for use in high speed transfer, on board a bulk tank truck or in retail distribution of chemicals, one of our many stainless steel meters is ready to provide long-term reliable service. Through the use of non-metallic rotors we have eliminated the risk of galling, while maintaining high accuracy through full capacity.

Control over volume to be delivered can be supplied on the flow meter or remotely. A mechanical preset with linkage and control valve is often the most economical solution in hazardous environments. An electronic preset or batch controller with a solenoid valve offers greater installation flexibility and data collection opportunities.

High Pressure Capabilities
Most TS Series meters are available with 400 PSI (28 kg/cm2) pressure rating. In some industries liquids are often handled under much higher operating pressures (for example: printing ink and grease). Selected models are available with 2500 PSI (173 kg/cm2) pressure rating to handle high pressure metering requirements.